Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Adjust Layout

I discovered another nice feature in the WebI charting engine. I don’t know how to name it yet. It’s stuffed away behind the Adjust Layout checkbox. Which is available for the Title, Legend and both Axis areas.
When the Adjust Layout checkbox is checked two new settings appear: Layout Width and Layout Height.

I think I start with an example right away. Take a look at this beautiful chart.

Now when I change the Layout Height Proportionality of the category axis to Fixed; 4 centimetres, the chart looks like this:

The category axis now is 4 centimetres in height. When I change it to 7 centimetres, the chart looks like this:

When I change the Layout Height Proportionality to proportional; 0,5, the chart looks like this:

The category axis height is now 50 % of the total chart height. Which becomes very clear when I change the chart a little bit. 

I think this is a great feature, even if it has no real name. You can use it to create more consistent charts, for example in sections.

Normal chart

Chart with fixed with

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lean WebI customization

In 4.1 there is this new feature to customise the Web Intelligence interface. It's a nice feature, but can it be useful? Yes it can, well at least I think so.

When this feature is combined with opendocument there is a huge visual impact. And this can be very useful, especially when the opendocument link comes from outside of BO, for example a sharepoint portal. Changes are that the business user clicking this report link doesn't know anything about BO Web Intelligence.

The 'standard' opendocument view is something like this

But realizing that the business user knows nothing about Web Intelligence, there is a lot of visual noise and cluttering on this screen. Lets make some customization and remove all the Web Intelligence stuff to make it lean.

I created an extra usergroup in BO and assigned the business user to this group. For this usergroup I set the customization:

Now the 'lean' opendocument view is presented:

This is much better!