Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Query stripping - the pitfalls

Query stripping is a nice option but it can be the cause of a lot of confusion. If you're not sure what query stripping is and how it works, here's a link to the SAP wiki page.

So I am working on a very sophisticated report, something like this:

I have switched query stripping on on both levels, document and query. Now I remove a few objects from the report and refresh it. As an indication that query stripping is active and that some of the objects in the query are not used on any report, the objects are highlighted in bold.

There was a special reason I removed these objects; I wanted to make Input Controls for them. But when I try to do that these objects are not visible:

Another one
I have also switched on the auto merge dimension option. I go into the query panel and duplicated my sophisticated query. Only the dimension that are on the report are merged:

I think I stick to the old method of cleaning up my report before it goes to production. (Like back in the days when we had to remove all not used formulas, because they where all calculated at run time.)

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