Thursday, March 21, 2013

WebI LOVs and BEx queries

When you create WebI reports on BEx queries the static filters in the BEx query are propagated to the WebI LOVs. Which means that when you filter on year 2011 in the BEx query and prompt for year / period in the WebI report you will only see the periods for 2011.
It gets even better, when variables are used in the BEx query, the selections made at runtime are also propagated to the WebI LOVs.

Here's an example:
  • I created a BEx query with on year / period and added a static filter on 2011 to the query.
  • Then I created a WebI report on top of the BEx query and created a prompt on year / period
  • When this report is executed, the prompt windows is presented and the LOV only shows values for 2011
  • Then I replace the static filter in the BEx query with a variable
  • and go to the Query Panel in the WebI report. There is now a small button where I can set the BEx variables
  • I select 2011 and remove the Set as prompt selection, which means that this variable / prompt will not be refreshed when the report is refreshed
  • When the report is executed, the prompt window is presented and the year prompt is fixed on 2011 and greyed out
  • and when the LOV for year / period is presented, again only values for 2011 are displayed

If I hadn't switched of the Set as prompt en the Set Variable windows the BEx variable would still be  active when the report is executed. Even the year selection made during runtime is propagated to the year / period LOV.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Setting BI Launch pad preferences from the CMC

Each user can change his or her BI Launch pad preferences. But in BO 4 the administrator can also change BI Launch pad preferences for user groups.

Let’s say you want users to start on a different home page, a custom made BI Workspace, and when they switch to the folder tab, they should see the category pane. To achieve this follow the steps below:

1.       Go to the User and Groups area in the CMC

2.       Select the user group you want to adjust

3.       Right click and select “BI Launch pad Preferences” 

4.       Unselect the checkbox “No Preferences Defined”

5.       Select Documents tabs and then Categories

6.       Then select “Home tab” and “Select Home tab:”.

7.       Push the button “Browse Home tab…” and search for the BI Workspace.
8.       Click Save & Close