Thursday, August 2, 2012

Measures with delegated projection

In IDT you can create measures with delegated projection, which means recalculation of the measure in subtotal or totals is done in the database. This setting can be used with averages and count distinct.

Recalculation of the measure also occurs if you create tables or graphs in your report with a different granularity then the granularity used your query.

BusinessObjects WebI handles this by changing your query and add a union for each granularity used in a table or graph.

If you create a simple sample query like this one:

The table will look like this:

 and the query script looks like this:

When you add two new tables to your report you see #TOREFRESH which means the tables have a different granularity then your query.

When you refresh the query, a query with 3 unions will be executed. A column named GID is added to make the link to the correct table in the report.

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