Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Localized dimensions

The translation management tool is very useful in a multilingual environment. You can translate folder names, category names, report names and report content like headers and labels. But sometimes you need to go a step further, creating localized dimension objects in a universe can be a solution to your problem.

With the introduction of the Information Design Tool (IDT) there is a lot new functionality. In the SQL Expression Editor there is a new function in the System Variables folder called PREFERRED_VIEWING_LOCALE. The BI Launchpad language preference is assigned to this variable at runtime.

You can use this variable to switch between different fields in your database for the different supported languages. Now you can create localized objects and change the database field depending on the users preferences using the PREFERRED_VIEWING_LOCALE variable.

The result when used in a WebI report with viewing locale en_GB will be:

and when the viewing locale is switched to fr_BE:

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