Saturday, August 11, 2012

2 or 3 tier WebI RC?

WebI Rich Client can be running 2 tier or 3 tier mode. 2 Tier means using the database middleware of your computer and 3 tier means using the database middleware on the WebI server.

How can you see if you are using WebI Rich Client in 2 or 3 tier mode? Just hover over the Connected label in the bottom right of your screen.

                    2 tier mode: 

                    3 tier mode:

When you start WebI and click the down arrow in the System box on the logon screen, you see lines starting with a computer icon and a globe icon. A globe icon means you start in 3 tier mode. A computer icon results in 2 tier mode.

You will only see the globe icon if you started WebI RC at least once from BI Launch pad!

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